Even If It's Nothing, It's Something


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released November 30, 2015



Track Name: Off With Their Heads
Hide your booze in the toilet tank
A pack of smoke for rainy days
and hope your wife collects your thrown out songs
I can't remember much these days
It's alcohol or faulty genes,
Sometimes I forget that I'm twenty-shit years old
And I ain't done, at least not yet
So play your songs in a different key
And hope that there's a god that sees
You're trying, even though you know there ain't.
The option held to run away
Was gone the second you heard her say
"I will" outside of that holy Nashville stage
Force yourself to be brave

Suck it up old friend
We're nowhere near the end
At this point there ain't anyone to hold you down

The rats are having children now
I never knew I could be so proud
The boys are shining brighter than the sun
So drink a shot and smoke a bowl
for the ones we used to think were old
But now we see they're the ones who got it done
They're younger now than anyone
Well I'll crush my fears like a shotgunned beer
Wear my doubt like a shining bandoleer
To intimidate the ones who seek my end
Now's the time to quit your job
Use your voice as a divining rod
and spit in the face of those who wish you dead
Off with their heads

Suck it up old friend
We're nowhere near the end
At this point there ain't anyone to hold you down

I'll crush my fears like a shotgunned beer
Track Name: Vermin
Sit up in the rafters, God
I know you think you've got this in the bag
not that you should care
or me for that matter
I'll drink to smoke leaving my good friend dead
tubes coming out of a fragile neck
but he quit before he died, a free man
he died free

I hope I die with that much self respect
I hope I die with your hands around my neck

$50 for the friends who kept me safe
when I had all but trashed every friendship
I had earned from any human being
I'll drink to the rats who sift through trash
and poison what we eat
there once were two of your own kind who taught me
what it really meant to be a man

You are my brothers, the vermin in the street
All that I can offer is my flesh for you to eat

Here under the stars
Right where God left us
Our tears mean so much more
My intention was to weep, but fuck it. I can't weep no more.

Here under the stars, right where God left us.
Track Name: 1982
Rabbits have their secrets
holes are buried underneath grounds that men that think they're someone
use to save from snowy trees
All the vegetables they eat themselves before we get a taste
so I'll shower them with poison
that'll teach them to behave
and if you think you will escape, you're wrong my friend

Pine trees wait for Christmas, standing there with bated breath
Praying to their vengeful tree god that their child isn't next
watches tick away in hopes that their new batteries don't die
now the trashcan is clock heaven, phones now occupy our time
and if you think you will escape, you're wrong my friend

Sing now little children
yeah there might be something left
once your parents drop you off in life
and run off to their death
there's a power in each word you read
and every song you love
so raise your hands and hope that is enough.
Track Name: Christ of the Ozarks
The mountains of Virginia have
a sweet and smoky taste
or so I'm told from songs of old
that drift upon my face
I'll never see them as long as I live

I hope your new man treats you right
I hope he's not like me
embodiment of everything I ever tried to be

City boys in cowboy boots
we ride in Astro Vans
and soak up all the blue ridge country shit
we possibly can
while flipping over those Darkthrone tape cassettes

The powders white and brown are still
not quite enough to block
the tidal wave that broke the key
that I kept in every lock

Cigarette burns upon my arms
ain't quite enough to block
the tidal wave that broke the key
that I kept in every lock
Track Name: Furniture
All hands on deck, ashtrays here to collect
all the spoils of one night alone
I can't be trusted to keep talents dusted
I'd rather drink on my own
to create is to fail and I'm over it now
being someone's overrated
I prefer a paycheck over free beer and pity tips
I don't need them to approve

All I need is you
and a steady flow of cash, cigarettes, and booze
honey all I need is you

You don't know the copper taste of blood
until you have been punched in the mouth
all these kids talk of sellouts like they've ever had a choice
or made something that they could sell
I'd be remiss if I stood here like this
saying I would go down with the ship
I know I'm a coward but I sure ain't a liar
it's the only thing I have left

All I need is you
and the knowledge that you'll be okay when I'm gone
honey all I need is you
Track Name: Ingrown
Raised to sleep at night
knowing I would be just fine
breathing air that god had made for me
there ain't no need to worry
now I stare at screens
knowing I don't have to move
all the pain is worlds away
and nobody is out to get me

I don't know if I can keep
spitting on the world that way
we were all in this together I think

Just cause I don't know you
that don't mean you ain't
the product of my labor
I will keep looking away
as I kill your mothers, drag your fathers through the streets
while I empty out your pockets
taking everything I see

So long as I'm comfortable
I will suppress change
Just remember all the pain is worlds away